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Cosmetic Junkie… Skincares best kept secret!

There is a revolution in the world of healthy and beautiful skin, and Cosmetic Junkie is leading it. As consumers become more savvy to their products, the onus is on skincare companies to promote products that have proven results. The most exciting scientific label that has been slipping into the UK market over recent years is that of Cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals are a new wave of cosmetics combined with pharmaceuticals and biologically active ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin thus delivering Results, Results, Results! They have benefits far beyond the traditional moisturiser.

As the UK’s 1st Cosmeceutical Specialist, Cosmetic Junkie offers you an intelligent range of the world’s finest Cosmeceutical brands including Environ, Murad, N.V Perricone, and Natura Bisse (NBceuticals range). The Cosmetic Junkie team is trained to the highest standards and available to give free advice and consultations to suit your needs.

If you want serious results for your skin using active ingredients & advanced skincare treatment techniques, then I recommend that you try our Cosmeceutical facials and skincare.

However, let’s not forget our ‘old favourite’ Cosmetics. Not everyone is looking for results and even if you are, you sometimes just want something that feels great under your makeup or smells lovely… your old faithfuls! Cosmetic Junkie is passionate about every Brand that is stocked, whether it is Cosmeceutical, Cosmetic or Aromatherapy based. Every label has a ‘Raison D’Etre’, this can be simply superficial, results driven or divinely pampering.

Our Philosophy

Ask a beauty expert what products she loves and she’ll talk for hours. Ask her which products she couldn’t live without and you'll get a definitive shopping list! Cosmetic Junkie has been created by the ‘Queen of Cream’, Jenny Peace.

Welcome to my world of Cosmetic Junkie, a luxurious boutique where people with a passion for cosmetics congregate and share their love and addiction to those irresistible bottles and jars of pure beauty. In a glamorous yet relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to touch and smell the products, try before you buy, and introduce you to latest cutting edge formulations and beauty technology.

Not only can you buy from our extensive range of specialist products, but you can experience the treatments that are offered by each individual brand. To keep you coming back we offer free treatments and perks when you spend on your products!

The Cosmetic Junkie team is waiting to share their knowledge and passion with you! We are here to bring you the latest beauty news, help you find those perfect products, assess and advise on your skincare routines, and basically have fun playing with creams!  We are always in pursuit of maintaining perfect skin and trying the latest jar on the block! Whether your skin concerns are anti-ageing, hormonal, blemished, skin pigmentation or anything else that happens to crop up, we have a solution and products that will suit you perfectly. Not only are we skincare experts and therapists, but health fanatics too…

If you check out our sister company, Allure Inclusive Health Clinic, www.allureclinic.co.uk you will see that it’s all about internal and external wellbeing! We have total understanding of what’s in our products and which ones would suit you. We can help you to make the correct dietary choices to get the best out of your skin and health. We have the latest cutting edge technologies and treatments available for both face and body to make you look and feel great in your skin!

I look forwards to seeing you in my Boutique & Clinic and wish you the best of health and beauty.'

Jenny Peace, Founder


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