Kérastase Age Premium

The first rejuvenating programme for mature hair. With age and hormonal fluctuations, the natural process of cell regeneration begins to slow down.

Just like skin, the hair becomes mature, and its condition begins to deteriorate. With age, hair becomes weaker and is more prone to damage, it also becomes thinner and its density decreases.

Also the hair texture changes, leaving it feeling coarse and dry, the scalp feels progressively tighter as hormonal imbalances lead to a reduction in the amount of sebum produced.

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Enhance the volume of your hair and improve resilience with Kérastase Age Premium Bain Substantif..
Ex Tax: £13.75
Kérastase Age Premium Lait Subtantif is an ultra light contouring care for mature hair. Using adv..
Ex Tax: £18.25
Bask in the rejuvenating benefits of Kérastase Age Premium Masque Substantif, a moisturising and ..
Ex Tax: £22.33
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