Blue Plasma

Blue Plasma

Transcending the Science of Skincare

The Breakthrough

Masterminded and developed with scientific  precision by the pioneer of anti-aging skincare,  Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

The Action

Through bio-specific technology and hydro-therapy, Blue Plasma performs three, normally opposing,  synergistic actions:

1. Bio-Digestion

The bio-specific action of attacking only dead skin cells, preserving healthy cells and accelerating cell renewal

2. Micro-Extraction

The action of lifting debris and purifying the skin  of build-up and pollutants

3. Hydro-Fusion

The action of hydration with enriched, active  treatment water

The Power of No

  • No inflammation
  • No abrasions or micro-scarring
  • No irritation or redness
  • No dryness
  • No photosensitivity
  • No down-time
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